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Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm at the Delhi Senior/Community Center with food and beverages served after the meeting. At times there maybe a guest speaker that will come to talk about a particular subject.

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in our cause. There is no residency requirement. See/click on form below.

There are many tiers of membership dues: annually, two year, three year or five year membership; or Lifetime membership.

                             Age 65 years or older                                   Age 65 years or younger

                                 Annual fee is $18                                           Annual fee is $25

                                 Two-year fee is $30                                       Two-year fee is $45

                                 Three-year fee is $42                                    Three-year fee is $63

                                 Five-year fee is $65                                       Five-year fee is $100

        Lifetime Membership fee are: pay once depended on your age

               40 and under is $300                           61 thru 70 is $150

               41 thru 50  is  $250                              71 thru 80 is $100

               51 thru 60 is $200                                 81 and over is $50

Complete form and send form back with appropriate due payment.

Click on "W" for Application

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